Anisha Ambulance

all of Bangladesh is the Ac ambulance service. A patient is typically transported in an ambulance to the hospital or a residence after a recent recovery.

There are air conditioning systems in these ambulances. A regular individual could become ill due to the extreme heat in Bangladesh and long periods of waiting in traffic. Therefore, it is essential to keep the patient and any companions at a comfortable temperature.

We offer spotless bed sheets, stretchers, oxygen cylinders, and a first-aid kit as part of our Ac Ambulance service. The patient and any visitors can fit comfortably.

Yes. AC ambulances are more expensive than non-AC ambulances. If you want a smooth and relaxing journey, a little extra money won’t matter. The Ac ambulance is highly recommended for long-distance travel. If you require Ac Ambulance assistance, please contact us.


Duration : 12 Days

Client : Saddam Hossain


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